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The creativity of an architect also makes us more creative

Since it was founded in 1946, Harol has evolved from a Belgian family business into one of the leading European manufacturers of sun protection systems, roller shutters and outdoor living solutions. We have completed hundreds of projects at home and abroad. This has resulted in many years of experience and extensive expertise.

Incorporating your design
Many companies are not able to incorporate the architect's creativity, whereas for us it is a challenge to find solutions that do the design its full justice.

Our wide range of architectural sun protection, roller shutters and garage doors seamlessly harmonizes with each concept. Moreover, all our solutions comply fully with the latest trends, standards and regulations.

Energy efficient
We are proud to stress that our solutions contribute towards the climate and general well-being of users. The SANGO Red Cross building in Flanders is a perfect example of this. With its integrated Harol SC800-ZIP screens, the SANGO building was the first non-residential building in Belgium to be awarded the BREEAM outstanding certificate. This stands for British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology. The buildings are assessed in no fewer than nine different fields, and it is the highest achievable international certificate in the field of sustainable building.

Customised solutions
These projects require customised solutions. Because each design is unique, our solutions also need to be unique. And we realize that sometimes clients are looking for quick and practical solutions, such as a simulation, ECB, CAD and DWG drawings, specifications, diagrams and technical data sheets. So we endeavour to make all these available to our clients, quickly and effortlessly.

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