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Dina Tersago

our Harol ambassador

In addition to her work on telly, former Miss Belgium and famous TV personality Dina Tersago likes to roll up her sleeves herself. Along with her husband, she is a keen DIYer and home improver. For their family and parents-in-law, they had a nearly zero emission home built. There is only thing Dina regrets and that’s not having decided to put in exterior sun protection right away. In Harol, Dina found the perfect partner for the sun screen solutions she was looking for.







Home seeks cooling

"We were ecstatic when we were able to move into our BEN home in 2014. ‘BEN’ is the Flemish acronym for ‘Bijna Energieneutraal’ or Nearly Zero Emission. Which means extensive insulation of the entire house, low-emission glass and almost no fossil fuel consumption. Only, our enthusiasm was somewhat ‘cooled’, if you’ll pardon the pun, as a result of the hot summers we’ve been having in recent years. There was no getting rid of the heat. So we got in touch with Harol, the leading specialists in natural cooling. Harol actively embraces the element of sustainability and realises that, as a company, they have an important part to play in this regard.

Now, there’s only one thing we regret and that’s not having decided to go for Harol’s sun protection solutions earlier on."


Dina Tersago

Cooling in style

"After a couple of hot summers, it became clear to us that our recently built, energy-efficient home needed an upgrade in order to keep the heat out. And obviously this would need to be a sustainable solution.

Sun protection is the most energy-efficient way to cool your home. But would it go with our modern home? So we went out to see the people at Harol. We were immediately taken with the wide range of choice in terms of options and designs! Harol sun protection is a perfect fit with the style of our home."

An eye for craftmanship

"What makes a TV show into an audience favourite? Pure and unadulterated craftsmanship!

Something I place a premium on. In my personal life too, for that matter. To make and fit sun protection in and around our home I looked around long and hard for specialist tradespeople with an eye for detail. Sun protection is something you have fitted just once in your life. So it needs to be right. Moreover, sun protection is an investment in your home which pays for itself over time but one that yields all its benefits right from the start.

That’s how we came upon Belgian manufacturer Harol. As only the best is good enough as far as I’m concerned."


Dina Tersago

Enjoying home life in comfort

"I love the sun, which gives me a great deal of energy, but as the saying goes: “You can have too much of a good thing. With the rising number of heat waves and staycations with the family, it was time we looked at raising our level of home comfort.

Courtesy of sun protection, the house is now naturally cooled. Which brings a lot more comfort. Indoor temperatures are much easier to control and there is also plenty of shade on our terrace to protect us against harmful UV radiation.

For me, it’s all about the extra quality time with the family!”

I love that personal touch

“I meet a lot of people in my line of work and I’m always fascinated to hear their stories. It's that same human element that is important to me when dealing with people from the world of business. Companies that are genuinely alive to the needs of their customers and staff have the edge with me.

Harol is that kind of company Warm, personal and accessible, a pleasure to work with."

Stay tuned and follow my story on Instagram @dina_tersago , @harolworldwide and Facebook @harolworldwide .


Dina Tersago

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