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What are the options for adding colour to your Harol solution? Below is an overview of the different techniques we use to take our products to a higher level.

1. Powder coating

What is powder coating?
Powder coating is an electrostatic painting process. This means that negatively charged powder is sprayed onto positively charged aluminium material. After the powder has been sprayed on, it sticks temporarily to the clean and degreased material, which is then placed into an oven where the powder melts. This is how the powder adheres to the material, and once it has been removed from the oven, it has been transformed into an impact and wear-resistant coating. Only the smell of freshly baked cake is missing. 

Harol powder coating workshop
Harol has an ultra-modern and eco-friendly powder-coating workshop. We use polyester powders to coat aluminium profiles. These coatings are UV resistant and available in a wide range of contemporary RAL and textured coatings.

RAL Classic colours at a standard price
RAL is the ultimate standard in the paint and coating sector. Do you enjoy having a wide choice? Harol has all the colours in RAL Classic K7, both matt and satin, with the exception of fluorescent and pearl-effect colours. The RAL Classic range comprises a palette of 210 colours. To prevent your product turning out just a little more pink than expected, always use your RAL colour chart to determine the exact colour. You can start choosing. All colours are available at no additional cost.

Textured paint colours at a standard price
The fact that they are extremely scratch resistant and require less maintenance makes textured paints so unique. This does the colour a lot more justice. This powder coating is matt and grainy and suitable for all aluminium profiles. Some textured paints are available in metallic finish, which adds a faint glint. Harol offers the standard textured paint colours from a select group of window manufacturers (Finstral, Reynaers, Profel, SAPA and Aluplast) at no additional cost. 

2. Wet coating

What is wet coating?
Harol has two wet coating booths. It may sound like a type of sauna, but that is not the case. When wet coating, multiple layers of a liquid protective coating are applied. This method of painting is mainly used on materials that are not made of metal, such as our garage door panels. Once again, the choice of colours is virtually infinite. Moreover, this solution can be customised to achieve the desired level of brilliancy, structure and effect. 

Colours in wet coating
The available wet coating colours are the same as for the RAL Classic powder paints and textured paints. However, there can be a minimal colour difference between powder coating or textured paint and wet coating of the same colour. This is because of the difference in painting methods. We use the same pricing policy for wet coating as for powder coating.


3. Anodising

What is anodising?
If the word wet coating reminds you of a sauna, then we have now arrived at peeling. With anodising, the aluminium profiles are first degreased, cleaned and dried, and then immersed in a chemical bath. This artificial oxidation opens the pores of the profiles. The profiles are then coloured in a metal oxide bath, after which the pores are closed in a special steam bath. Anodising retains the original structure of the aluminium, although it does become smoother and coloured. It is important to note that anodising can cause minor colour differences per treatment.

Anodising colours
Harol offers a ‘natural anodised’ colour for all types of screens. The standard price is only available for the following screen types: SC700 and SC800-ZIP.

4. Plastic film coating

What is plastic film coating?
Colour consultants recommend that colours remain consistent across the entire building. Does this also apply to the outside wall? With plastic film coating, you can perfectly match the garage door and roller shutter profiles to your window and door profiles. Coloured film coating offers a sophisticated finish and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, and this is of particular benefit, plastic film coating is very easy to maintain. 

Plastic film coating colours
There is an extensive range of colours and wood patterns to choose from. If you want to choose either a sleek or a more natural look for your house. There is an additional charge for plastic film coatings.

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