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Cosiness from a garage door.


Bart and Nadia enjoy spending a cosy evening in one of their lounges. They have two of them to make things extra snug. However, they were suffering from a cold draught that kept ruining the atmosphere. One of the ways the draught was getting in was through the garage door, from where it blew through the living room and throughout the entire house. A garage door with extra insulation was enough to exorcise the chilly spirit and comfort once again reigns supreme in both lounges.

Bart and Nadia are sociable people, really friendly and always around for a chat in one of their lounges. Yes, one of them – they’ve got two. Extending the kitchen freed up some space in the living room, and to keep it clutter-free, Bart and Nadia opted for a cosier option: a second lounge. Because you can never be too snug and comfortable. But something was ruining the atmosphere at the Patterson’s.

Whenever it was cold outside – which does happen in winter – Bart and Nadia could feel a nasty draught blowing throughout the entire house. The couple took several steps to dispel this cold breeze: they had a new boiler installed and the roof replaced completely, and Harol surface-mounted roller shutters and a Harol garage door were installed. The last item on the list was crucial, because the garage is right next to the living room and affects the temperature of the room.

Bart is impressed by the technical finish of the garage door.

He’s a product manager for a world leader in industrial adhesives and fixings, and knows quality materials when he sees them. The eye for detail that he needs for his work is often applied critically to his own home. It's no coincidence that the couple turned to Harol. Harol’s perfectionist attitude fitted in well with Bart’s expectations, and the superb insulating Harol garage door even more so.


The result has its advantages. Nadia leaves for work in the morning in a warm car (so, no need for heated seats). What’s more, the car takes up less space – previously, the car had to be parked a metre from the door, otherwise it wouldn’t swing open. Now Nadia has no problem parking the car almost up against the overhead door, which creates space. For a bigger car? Well, no, actually. For Bart's Vespa, which can now comfortably spend the winter in the warm garage. This means Bart is relaxed in the knowledge that at the start of spring a quick polish will do, and then he can take the Vespa out for its first spin of the season.

The other space they gained has been taken up by the clothes airer. The clean laundry might stay there for a few days, but when it’s put away there is enough space. It also means that Nadia can now do the laundry and the ironing in the garage, at a pleasant temperature. The garage door is not only insulating in terms of warmth, it also has good sound-insulating properties. If Nadia wants to turn up the volume on the radio while she’s ironing, and sing at the top of her voice, passers-by won’t hear a thing. Relaxing for everyone, including the neighbours.


Yet even if there’s noise going on in the garage, the door itself is whisper quiet.

When you open or close it, you can hardly hear a thing. Bart is thrilled. As an expert, he is really happy with the sound of the garage door. Or should we say, the lack of it. Not a door that will disturb the peace of their quiet neighbourhood.


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