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Even your Vespa, washing machine or drum kit deserves to keep warm.


When you are building, renovating or buying a house, you want it to be well-insulated. Whether to have a warm house, to save on energy bills, or because you are environmentally aware. At this time, the first thing you think of is wall, window and roof insulation. Despite the fact that it is a large opening in your house, garage doors are often overlooked. If the garage is either part of the house or attached, then insulating your garage door will contribute to its energy efficiency (E rating). And, therefore, to your living comfort.

Why insulate your garage

  • Less heat loss, and, as a result, a pleasant temperature in your garage
  • Lower energy bills
  • A safe and dry place for your washing machine, tools or instruments
  • Avoid costs due to damage caused by moisture
  • Option to transform your garage into a snooker room or rehearsal area

Payback time

Older houses often have a tilting door that lets in cold air and moisture. This can soon be felt throughout the house. A Harol garage door prevents this by combining high air tightness with insulating materials, such as foam technology in the panels, side seals and end caps for the doors.

The new SP900 Thermo garage doors have high insulation and air density ratings, together with a very low U-value. Benefit to you? The lower the U-value, the higher a product's energy efficiency. For a standard door, the U-value has an average of 1.33 W/m2K. The SP900 Thermo scores 0.99 W/m2K. An improvement of 22%. This means the payback time for your Harol garage door is three years. But you will enjoy it for many years to come, starting from the very first day.

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