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The latest generation of roller shutters: Silensio™


World-class innovation

The Silensio™ roller shutters combine the new generation Somfy motor with the innovative roller shutter technology by Harol, resulting in a focus on ease-of-use, durability, energy-savings and security. These new roller shutters are smarter, but above all quieter. Much quieter. And with a 40% longer lifespan, they are also the most reliable on the market. Who can resist these benefits?

Superior living comfort

The Silensio™ roller shutter represents a new generation of roller shutters that is almost imperceptibly present in your home. The ultra-quiet tubular motor is quieter than any other household appliance! With an almost inaudible ‘soft start & stop’ function, the typical sound of slats clattering together is eliminated. Also, there are two speed settings, depending on the home owner's requirements. The obstacle detection function is extremely sensitive and will take effect immediately when needed.

What makes the Silensio™ roller shutters unique

  • 40% longer lifespan
  • two speed options
  • ultra silent
  • soft start & stop
  • lift security system
  • frost protection
  • super ior obstacle detection
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