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Patio: Nomo

Simply relax

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Unique benefits

  • Unique: horizontal folding roof

    Meet the Nomo, an innovative and fully horizontal folding roof with integrated screens. Although the Nomo is particularly popular with women, men enjoy it as well. The reason being that this product allows you to continue to enjoy your relaxing outdoor life, even during persistent rain or a heavy shower. 
  • Curved profiles

    The folding roof’s curved fabric profiles provide double drainage. Thanks to the integrated gutters, the water is quickly drained during a shower, keeping your terrace nice and dry. Unless you are enjoying a particularly weepy novel.
  • Lean-to or self-supporting

    Will you opt for a lean-to or for a fully self-supporting structure? The Nomo offers an elegant and practical solution. Opt for glass sliding walls, built-in screens all around and sustainable LED lighting for even more comfort and atmosphere. Time to cocoon!
  • Rain-resistant

    An extremely important component of any folding roof is the fabric. All our models are equipped with light-blocking or translucent PVC fabric as standard. The fabric is meticulously finished and meets the highest quality standards. They are 100% waterproof, self-extinguishing and treated against mould. That should make you feel at ease, even when you aren’t relaxing.
  • Nomo




A colour to satisfy every desire

There are over 7 billion people on the Earth, most of whom have their own individual taste. So if you are thinking of buying an outdoor living solution, it is only logical that we should try to satisfy those varied expressions of style at home. With over 300 RAL colours and various textured coating colours in the Harol range, that is no problem.

The white, charcoal grey, light grey, Corten and ivory colours are included in the basic price. The fine-textured lacquers white, ivory and light grey are also available without extra charge.

Explore our innovative coating methods

Finished down to the smallest detail

  • Integrated drainage systemHarol nomo geïntegreerde kantelbare goot
  • Dimmable LED lightingHarol nomo ledverlichting in de doekprofielen
  • Dimmable LED lightingHarol nomo geïntegreerde ledverlichting in het kader
  • Integrated screensHarol nomo geïntegreerde windvaste screens
  • Harol nomo gebogen doekprofielen
  • HeatingHarol nomo verwarming
  • Glass sliding wallHarol nomo glazen schuifwand

Comfort within easy reach

Our solutions provide the ultimate in convenience. Whether you use a remote control or a tablet: one command is all that is needed to control everything.

Alternatively, you can opt for a solution with one or more sensors, so you can even enjoy automatic protection against sun, rain, wind or snow.

Technical details

  • Depth 1 field: 7 m
  • Width 1 field: 5.5 m
  • Width 1 fabric: 5.5 m
  • Post: 150 mm x 150 mm
  • Maximum height 1 post: 3 m
  • Linkable both by width and depth


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