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Ultra-compact sectional door: SP800 Compacto

Great things come in small packages

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Harol has completely re-designed the SP800 Compacto for small garages. Thanks to a number of technical innovations, less side space and installation depth are needed to install these durable overhead doors. Moreover, the springs are neatly concealed, so the space immediately feels much larger.

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Unique benefits

  • Ultra-compact

    Flexible, shorter rail sets allow installation in a very small space.
  • Fast installation 

    The simple spring package allows the door to be installed in just four easy steps.
  • Good insulation

    Double-wall panels filled with environmentally friendly insulating foam and rubber seals provide excellent thermal (0.51 W/m²K) and acoustic insulation.
  • Energy-saving motors

    Choose from a wide range of energy-saving motors and bi-directional operating methods. Bi-directional means that your door sends information back to your transmitter, for example that the door is actually closed.
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Security and ease of use are paramount in a Harol garage door: from protecting your fingertips to securing your personal possessions. That is why every garage door is fitted with the key security mechanisms as standard.

  • Obstacle detection

    The door always moves up and down safely by means of a motor or photocell.

  • Finger safety

    The unique design makes it impossible to trap your fingers between two panels.

  • Spring break device

    The door does not drop if the spring breaks.

  • Optional SKG security kit

    Low-cost kit offering three minutes more resistance to attempted intrusions using simple tools (rated resistance class 2 - WK2).

A colour to satisfy every desire

There are over 7 billion people on the Earth, most of whom have their own individual taste. So if you are thinking of buying a garage door, it is only logical that we should try to satisfy those varied expressions of style at home.

With over 300 colours in the Harol range, this poses no problem, and all RAL colours and various textured coatings are included in the basic price. The latter are also scratch-resistant and very low-maintenance. You can also choose a PVC film to achieve a perfect match with the look of your windows and doors.

Finished down to the smallest detail

  • The exterior frame can be adapted to your exterior woodwork.Harol_ Buitenkader-afgestemd-op-buitenschrijnwerk
  • Screws are covered with caps on the inside for aesthetic purposes.Harol_Schroeven-afgedekt-met-noppen
  • intro
  • wood grain
  • flat
  •  Stucco
  • colour foil

Convenience within reach

At Harol, we opt for energy-saving motors that you can operate at the press of a button. Because part of our job is to make your life easier.


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Technical details

  • Height: max. 2.25 m
  • Width: max. 3 m
  • Area: max. 6.75 m2
  • 100% Belgian custom-made