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Super-insulating built-on roller shutter: OB910 Thermo and OB910 Thermo Silensio™

Highest insulating value on the market

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Unique benefits

  • Ideal for major renovations and newbuild projects

    The box for a built-on roller shutter is fitted to the window so it can be concealed invisibly in the wall. Therefore a built-on roller shutter should be incorporated into your plans right at the start of the construction or window renovation process. 
  • Durable

    The guide rails are made from sturdy aluminium and the slats are foam-filled for extra sturdiness and a longer service life.
  • Super-insulating box: best U-value on the market!

    The non-insulated box is often a weak link in the building shell. The OB910 Thermo makes this a thing of the past with a U-value of no less than 0,50 W/m²K. The secret of this super-insulating built-on roller shutter lies in a new type of insulation in the box, based on graphite granules. These dissipate the heat radiation by means of reflection and absorption, thereby vastly reducing the transport of thermal energy in the material and improving the insulation value.
  • Super-silent and 40% longer service life

    Choose SilensioTM and your roller shutter will not only be silent but will have a service life 40% longer than a standard roller shutter. The ultra-quiet tubular motor is quieter than any other household appliance! With an almost inaudible ‘soft start & stop’ function, the typical sound of slats clattering together is eliminated. 
  • opbouwrolluik OB900 THERMO





Roller shutters are an additional deterrent to intruders attempting to break into your home. They contribute significantly towards the increased security of your property. Nowadays you can go a step further still with extra security for particular components. A number of options are:

  • Complete lift security system, only possible with electric operation
  • Box made of extra-sturdy extruded aluminium
  • Security guide rail that makes it harder to open the curtain
  • Security bottom lath that is more difficult to grip
  • Security slat filled with extra-hard foam for even more robustness

A colour to satisfy every desire

There are over 7 billion people on the Earth, most of whom have their own individual taste. So if you are thinking of buying a roller shutter, it is only logical that we should try to satisfy those varied expressions of style at home. With over 300 colours and a wide range of slats in matching shades, that is no problem.

All RAL colours and various textured coatings are included in the basic price.

Explore our innovative coating methods

Finished down to the smallest detail

  • Two box types available for the OB910 ThermoBox OB900 ER-IR
  • The box of the OB910 Thermo is invisible on the inside and outside of your homeOB900 Thermo onzichtbaar binnen en buiten
  • Wide range of high-quality slats Slats OB910
  • With light and ventilation slots or blackout*Harol lamellen OB900 thermo met en zonder daglichtsleuven


*a roller shutter can never black out 100% of the light and a very small amount may penetrate the room

Comfort within easy reach

Available with manual operation or automatic operation using a hand-held transmitter, smartphone or tablet.

Also easy to connect to home automation systems.

Explore the possibilities

Technical details

  • Area: up to 8,5 m² depending on the type of slat
  • Needs to be incorporated into the design plans at the start of the construction or window renovation process
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