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Flush-mounted roller shutter: VR1000

Generous with comfort, economical with energy

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All the comfort in terms of privacy, safety and temperature (cold and heat) fully incorporated? This can all be achieved with the fully integrated VR1000 roller shutter for new buildings.



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  • Fully integrated in the cavity

    This sustainable roller shutter is installed in the cavity using innovative technology and without creating thermal bridges. Ideal for passive construction and near energy-neutral constructions. Moreover, the architect retains full freedom, thanks to the range of box sizes.
  • Years of pleasure at no extra cost

    The roller shutter slats feature a protective padding as standard to protect them against scratching. Result: your roller shutter will remain lustrous for longer. That is the difference between a roller shutter and a Harol roller shutter.
  • Save on your energy bills

    Choose the innovative ALU42 Thermo slat, which has a special coating on the slats for extra thermal comfort. The reflective particles in the coating reflect the heat from your home (higher insulating value than PVC slats: R value = 0.25 m2 K/W). 
  • Super-silent and 40% longer service life

    Opt for SilensioTM and your roller shutter will not only be silent but will have a service life 40% longer than a standard roller shutter. The ultra-quiet tubular motor is quieter than any other household appliance! With an almost inaudible ‘soft start & stop’ function, the typical sound of slats clattering together is eliminated.
  • VR1000
  • VR1000



Roller shutters are an additional deterrent to intruders attempting to break into your home. They contribute significantly towards the increased security of your property. Nowadays you can go a step further still with extra security for particular components. A number of options are:


  • Front plate and inspection cover made of extra-sturdy extruded aluminium
  • Security guide rail that makes it harder to open the curtain
  • Security bottom lath that is more difficult to grip
  • Security slat filled with extra-hard foam for even more robustness

Comfort within easy reach

Available with manual operation or automatic operation using a hand-held transmitter, smartphone or tablet.

Also easy to connect to home automation systems

Explore the possibilities

Technical details

  • Max. area: 11 m² (depending on the type of slat)
  • Max. width: 4,2 m
  • Max. height: 3 m 
  • Wide range of box sizes: 150x150, 165x165, 180x180, 205x205
  • Installation in the cavity without energy loss: no thermal bridge or node
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Ideal for passive houses and near energy-neutral construction projects
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