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Sun protection

1 sun, 1000 solutions

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Good weather is heavenly but sometimes you prefer the comfort of the shade. Harmful UV radiation has something to do with it. And that ice cream on your patio that doesn’t melt as quickly, might also have something to do with it. Sun protection seems simple, but it’s anything but.

The distance you want to cover, the space you have, the shape of your wall, the style and colour of your awning, integrated lighting or not... these things are all crucial to your choice. Here at Harol, we like to help you think about these things.

Read on to find out which Harol sun protection solution is best for you, or contact a Harol dealer for advice.

Sun protection and awnings, improving both health and social life

Energy efficiency

Any sun protection solution fitted outside a window will keep out the sun and heat. This allows you to enjoy a pleasant indoor climate, and a reduced need for energy sources such as air conditioning systems to provide cooling in your home. And there is more: our sun protection solutions allow sunlight in when you want it, a natural way to heat your home. Result: appreciable savings on your energy bill.


Our extensive range of sun protection solutions complements the most diverse architectural styles, from classic to ultramodern. We customise every solution. You can choose from more than 300 colours. All RAL colours and various textured coatings are included in the basic price. We know how to match our solutions to your lifestyle.


The structure of our solutions is made of durable aluminium and subjected to various mechanical and dynamic load tests such as rain, wind etc. All our sun protection solutions carry the CE label (European directive on safety). Installation is always carried out by experienced professionals. This is how we contribute to your safety.

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