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Wooden sliding wall: WP67

Wooden sliding wall

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If you fancy enjoying your terrace awning longer in the evenings and into the year, but also being protected against wind and rain and prying eyes, our wooden decorative walls are the right choice to make. Our wooden sliding walls will have you instantly create the desired ambience and give you full privacy! On hot days, as well as on chilly summer days and evenings, or when the weather is wet and cold.


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Unique benefits

  • Enjoy your terrace for longer

    The wooden sliding walls not only deliver a cosy vibe and the privacy you require, they also protect you against the sun, rain and wind. Allowing you to enjoy your outdoor solution longer in the evenings and into the year, even when the weather is dull.

  • Privacy / ventilation

    Between the slats there is an 8 mm interspace. This ensures appropriate ventilation and maximum privacy. As an option, the sliding panel can be supplied finished with a screen fabric, giving you an attractive and appealingly finished panel that offers more privacy whilst also keeping out irksome insects.

  • Sealing

    The vertical sliding system in aluminium and wood opens out to the left and the right. When the wall is fully closed, this acts to create an aesthetically pleasing, solid unit. Moreover, each sliding panel is separately slidable. The vertical sides of the decorative wall come with seals, which ensures a seamless fit with the wall and the post profiles at all times.

  • Durable and stylish

    As standard, the wood face is visible inside and out. The wood used is Thermowood. This wood variety is very durable and turns a lovely tint of grey over time. The sliding panel is available to be finished with a screen fabric, which will also repel insects.

  • Thermowood

    Thermowood is an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. Heating European coniferous wood in a kiln for a protracted length of time changes the wood’s structure. As part of the same process, the wood’s cell structure and moisture rate also change, thereby lending the wood the same durable properties as hardwood. All of which greatly reduces the ecological footprint of Thermowood.

  • Silent operation

    The sliding panels are easy to slide by hand by way of light bearing-mounted guide wheels and noise-dampening running surfaces. The guide wheels are height-adjustable, which makes for easy and straightforward installation. The top has eccentric wheels for optimum panel guidance, which means the panels close virtually silently.

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Technical details

  • System

    • Vertical sliding system in aluminium / wood
    • Slides open to the left and / or to the right
    • Protects against the sun, wind and the driving rain
    • The combination with a screen fabric = aesthetically pleasing and insect-repellent
    • Please note: this system is not 100% wind-tight and / or waterproof
  • The sliding panels

    • Extruded aluminium profiles / aluminium clamping brackets
    • Wooden slats in Thermowood Radiata Pine - 67x16 mm
    • Frame profile and top rail available in the RAL colour of your choice
    • Bottom rail: silver grey or black anodised
    • Overlap of the sliding panels = 80 mm
    • Maximum panel width = 2000 mm
    • Maximum panel height = 2750 mm
    • Standard: the wood grain is visible on either side / Option: screen fabric SERGE600 on the outside
  • Hardware technology

    • Hardware with 1-, 2-, 3- and 4 mono rails
    • Single track rails can be fitted alongside each other up to a maximum of 4 rails
    • Bottom rail with continuous rails / no free-flowing run-off
    • Adjustable, bearing-mounted guide wheels (+/- 5 mm)
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